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In the context of solar systems, a Solar Regulator is a device which ensures that the system works correctly. Here is a summary of what a Solar Regulator comprises, what it does and how some Solar Regulator can perform other functions as well. A more typical approach for modern systems is to use the ubiquitous microprocessor. In a commercial product this is also likely to offer a simple LCD display and a minimal user interface of a few pushbuttons. The same two inputs have temperature sensors: one for the hottest part of the solar panel and the other for the coolest part of the water store, which is at the bottom. The other two connections are power in and switched power out to the pump. The power can come in from a mains electric supply, in the case of low carbon solar technology. In the event of the latest innovation, a zero carbon controller, power is sourced wholly from a photovoltaic (PV) module which also acts as a power supply.