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Solar hybrid air conditioner is very popular product. Please check the main advantage as following: 1.World famous brand compressors. 2.High reliable and long-lived 3.difital LED Display 4. Multi-fold heat exhanger, high-quality internal thread copper pipe and hydrophilic aluminium foil make the cooling capacity stronger. 5.Anti dust air filter makes air fresher 6.Digital e-touch, convenient and eletricity-saving. 7. Easy operation for elder people and kids. 8. Fluorescent button, visible at night. 9. Intelligent Defrosting. 10. Easy installation. 11.With stroing adaptablitity, SKLD Habrid Solar Air conditioner can run at super high and low temperature from -5-53C. 12.Super Luxious appearance can decorate your ***** panel adopt the aluminium alloy and wire drawing metal color brand to make your home sparkly. 13.Healthy and comfortable, constant temperature and keeping air conditioner disease away